Designing for Play

Caitlin is an entrepreneur and designer based in Seattle, Washington. She works closely with a wide range of clients across the public, private, and non-profit sectors in order to bring to life projects and initiatives that physically and playfully engage people in the places they work and live. From delivering classes to designing installations, developing technology and connecting communities: the possibilities are diverse!

Want to know WHY PARKOUR? 

Organizational Leadership ・Educational Programming ・ Experiential Design ・ Community Building ・Public Art ・Landscape Design ・ Temporary Installation ・Public Speaking


Executive Director | Parkour Visions
Parkour Visions is a 501(c)3 non-profit committed to sharing the ethos, philosophy, and practice of parkour through educational programming, design, and advocacy.  Parkour is a discipline that teaches physical, emotional, and social strength through movement challenge and play.  It is for all ages, abilities, creeds, and colors.  

Owner | Studio Madefor 
A design think-tank with a focus on ludic, experiential and interactive design

Founder & Director The Art of Retreat
Annual Education & Leadership Conference for Parkour

Founder & Director North American Women's Parkour Gathering 
Annual gathering and programming for women practitioners

Transition Adviser | United States Parkour Association
USPK Is the national governing body for Parkour in the United States of America.

Curator The Movement Library 
Online database of physical and outdoor games for use by educators and coaches.


Co-founder, past partner | The Movement Creative
A social enterprise dedicated to improving the lives of others through movement education and programming. 


2013 TEDx Talk (6:52m)
"Transforming Work into Play: Why Parkour?"

2016 THEY SAID Interview  & Podcast (26:02m)
"Play, Parkour, and our Public Spaces."

2014 FEAST ON GOOD Talk (7:51m)
"Rethinking Exercise: From Work to Play through Parkour."

2017 JUMPFEST Talk (2:02)
Why we should stop designing parkour parks, and start designing for play in our public spaces

2017 US Play Conference Speaker
"All Grown Up: Emerging Trends with Play Past Childhood. Parkour, Programming, and Design"


2018 CHANGE MAKERS Interview
On Parkour, play, risk, and design.

2017 FORBES Interview & Commentary
"Inside The Creative Battle To Lead The Core Of Parkour"

2016 MPORA Commentary on Women in Parkour
"Women in Parkour | How Freerunning Helps You See the City in a Whole New Light"

2014 Parkour Project Photo Editorial
Photo editorial by Anya Chibis on Women in Parkour

"Equal Work, Equal Play"

We need spaces to practice our skills. We need spaces where we can struggle. And playgrounds give us those spaces. They give us opportunities to safely explore and work with our complex emotional and social worlds; to try on responses, to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.