2019 Fall Season

Last Updated September 9th, 2019

This fall has some amazing things in store! From light art installation projects to public events and pop-ups, I hope to see you out sometime! I’ve tried to include a list of both confirmed and prospective events. My focus with my work this fall is all about surprise, joy, and interaction with both new spaces and new people.

if you’d like to get the conversation bar, pop-up playground, or commission me for light and art installation, please reach me at Caitlin@StudioMadefor.com

Sept 14
Greenlake Wellness Fair
Pop-up Playground

Come out and play! In partnership with my non-profit Parkour Visions, we will be setting up a pop-up playground for open play. All ages welcome. 10am to 4pm at Green Lake Community Center.



Sept 21
Luminata Light Festival
Bloom Art Installation

Bloom is a light art installation and walking labyrinth composed of handfolded LED flowers. Take a moment, journey into yourself through a walking meditation of light.


bloom (1).png

Sept 26-29
Art of Retreat
Leadership Retreat

The Art of Retreat is an idea-exchange platform supporting education, development, and leadership within Parkour. We come together twice a year, in the Spring and the Fall, to exchange new ideas and information across a wide array of subjects including coaching methods, education theory, best business practices, scientific research, architectural and urban design, global trends, and local community building.



October 19 - Seacompression Art Festival by Ignition Northwest
Heart to Hearth - Interactive Installation in partnership with Aaron Woodward

October 19 - Lusio Lights at Volunteer Park Conservatory (About)
Bloom 2 - Light Installation

December 15 - Seattle Water Lantern Festival
Bloom - Light Installation